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Oppenheimer Analysis (OA) was Andy Oppenheimer and Martin Lloyd.

Martin sadly died in April 2013.

OA is now disbanded but some releases are still available to purchase (please see Discography). This website contains news of old and re-releases, biographical details, a visual archive, samples of their music and links to other electronic music resources.


In 1982 OA recorded twelve songs, released on a cassette compilation entitled 'New Mexico'.  During the next two years they played a series of gigs in London and Brighton. Copies of the cassettes were sold at shows and by mail order. Oppenheimer Analysis later became recognized among electro-music afficionados as a pioneering combo which has influenced other bands during the club and home-recording phase in the early 1980s.

In 2005 they re-formed and a twelve-inch four-track EP of early material, including "Cold War" and "The Devil's Dancers", was the first release on the New York-based Minimal Wave label. In 2006 a CD-R EP of new songs, "Der Wissenschaftler", was home-released. Their songs are still played at clubs, on the internet and on the radio. 

 A 7" EP of Martin's early solo recordings are available from Minimal Wave.

On Friday 24 March 2006 Andy and Martin performed live as OA for the first time in 22 years at Zwischenfall, Bochum  in Germany. More gigs followed in Germany, Belgium, London, Newcastle and Brighton.

Their last live gig together was at Brave Exhibitions in London in 2011.

Special thanks to all of OA's fans for supporting us over the years, to Veronica Vasicka at Minimal Wave, and to Rob Brannigan for creating this site.

Martin Lloyd: a Tribute - to come.

Andy Oppenheimer: update

Andy began playing solo live gigs in 2011 and later teamed up with Mahk Crumbae to form Oppenheimer Mk II.
Their first album, 'The Presence of the Abnormal', came out on CD in March 2013 on the Klanggalerie label and is also available on Bandcamp.

Andy has also begun two other projects as Touching the Void (with Mark Warner, formerly of Sudeten Creche; and Major Impact (with MIckey Clarke of MickFlightRecorder).
 (Links to come - these are Facebook pages.)

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